Monday, May 09, 2011

Tiger's Tips for May

Spring is now in full swing and it is time. If you haven't already treated yourself to one new plant I invite you to come in and find just the right one for your garden. My favorite as I write my tips for this month is the Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso, with a green throat and red outer lips it is striking.

Give yourself everlasting flowers by cutting and drying ones which are blooming now, example statice, strawflowers and hydrangeas.

Another treat you and the butterflies will enjoy is an easy to maintain butterfly garden, come in and see the Asclepias and Buddleias.

Don't have space but want to grow vegetables? New product in the nursery is the Grodan Hugo Grow Cube. Horticultural stone wool is used the world over by both hydroponics and soil gardeners, it provides enough growing volume to support a large plant. Made in Denmark this cube is 6x6x6, stop in and I'll be happy to show you how it works.

Towards the end of this month you need to really pay attention to any roses in your garden, as the June gloom begins to roll in especially along the coastal areas. Deadhead and trim unsightly leaves then spray them with Serenade Disease Control.

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