Friday, March 09, 2007

Roses in the Garden

I was walking through the nursery yesterday and stopped to smell a rose which doesn't look like a rose. The leaves are small and crinkled. But what a wonderful aroma, and the bush is full of buds. This rose is called BLANC DOUBLE de COUBERT, it is a rugosa rose and true white.
Also amongst our roses as well as many of yours in your gardens are aphids, pesky little creatures which love the rose buds as much as we do. Now is the time to get out there and stay ahead of them. You can wash them off regularly with a strong spray of water from your garden hose, apply a mild solution of Insecticidal Soap, spread Ladybugs through your garden (we should have them in stock next week). Remember a healthy rose can fight insects and diseases so begin by feeding your soil. Use GroBetter Organic Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner, made with composted chicken manure, no fillers. Plus it is almost odor-less.
By coming in weekly you will be able to select a rose based upon the true color and aroma, but remember they sell fast when they begin blooming.