Monday, April 18, 2011

Answer Night

For the last couple of months I've been posting and asking what the following have in common...
Gardening - Wine - Naked

a few answers have been tossed my way but not the right one.

If you want to know you will need to join us on Friday May 27th from 5:00-7:00pm at the nursery.
Cost for this event is $25.00, and your t-shirt size. Please sign up on our facebook event page or by emailing me and I'll contact you for payment.

Don't miss out on a fun evening.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tiger's tips for April

Tiger's project this month is redwood garden boxes. These beautiful raised planters are easy to assemble and store away when not planted. Once assembled fill your box with Green All Soil Booster, remember soil is very important when planting especially for your edible gardens.

Now what to plant? I am going to concentrate on edibles for this project so I'll pick ones that I know myself and my family will eat. Tomatoes are 1st on the list and we had at least 30 different varieties last count. By putting one in each corner I have room for them to grow up through the cages. In the middle I'll pick a pepper or two, along one edge some beans that can hang over and for fun colors a packet of carrots. With Tassia becoming old enough to begin food we'll introduce her to an array of carrots colors and flavors. Don't forget to add Marigolds or Cosmos to help keep those pesky insects away.

With the rains behind us, we hope, you will want to start replacing your cool season flowers with heat lovers. Zinnias, coleus, marigolds, and Fausto's favorite Godetia.

Plant taller delphiniums to the back and lower calibrochias to the front. Watch our sidewalk planter begin blooming over the next few weeks.

If you need more bees in your garden to help pollinate your fruits and vegetables consider Agastache, Lavenders, Catmint and Penstemons. Remember to feed your whole garden as it emerges from the winter chill. Again your soil is very important so you will want to use DynoEarth Humic Acid every quarter.

Our Urban Farmstyle Seminar is Saturday April 30th. Our guest chef is Jenn from Sea Rocket Bistro, sign up on our facebook event page or call the nursery. Seminar is free but reservations are required.