Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Fausto and I found a grower who specializes in Sansevierias, we went on a buying trip this morning and came back with an array of them. If you don't know Sansevierias it is a plant you should come in and learn about. Very very easy to care for and you are surprised when it blooms. The fragrance on the cylindica varieties is similar to a jasmine mixed with gardenia, just a slight release as your home warms up.

We found 2 varieties which we won't be able to bring in until next year, one has black markings while the other is a reddish variety.
Once you begin collecting them you will be hooked.

Growing Conditions:

Light:Bright, filtered light, but highly tolerant.
Water: Can survive long periods of drought. Water monthly or less in winter, weekly or every other week in summer.
Temperature: Above 50ºF, but can survive cold spells.
Soil: Use a fast-draining cactus mix.
Fertilizer: Feed during growing season. Do not feed during winter.

I have mine at home in a north west window and put it in the shower once a month to wash and water, have to say I love this plant.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Naked Trees and what to do with them

Slight change in Saturday's class, it will be taught by Richard L. who also has the plant of the week for next week. See our facebook page for his selection. Remember to print my earlier posting to receive a 30% discount off your purchase after the class on any deciduous trees we have in stock.

What is a deciduous tree? A tree which will lose all if not most of it's leaves during the winter months. In this class you will learn how to prune and what you should do to protect your trees from possible insects while they are without their clothes (leaves)

Monday, September 06, 2010

What's with the weather?

We seem to have missed summer here in San Diego and can feel fall knocking on our doors. Now is the time to begin getting your deciduous trees ready for winter. Not sure if your trees are deciduous or not? If they drop most if not all of their leaves during our winter than Yes they are deciduous.
Come to our free class on September 18th beginning at 10am to learn from Fausto what you should do now to protect them over the winter and give them a head start on next spring. After the class you can shop and get 30% off (with this page) of any deciduous trees in stock.
30% off offer not valid with any other offers or coupons (Groupon coupons may not be used for this offer)

As I write this blog it is gray and chilly out, not the way it should be for the last official summer holiday. Many of you have come in and said your tomato crops this year were not very productive, it's nothing you did wrong it is what was missing...sunshine. Now that we are heading into cooler days and chilly evenings you can start thinking of your fall/winter vegetable crops. Lettuces along with cabbages and kales are on the tables, peas, cauliflower, and broccoli starts will be arriving weekly. I'll be switching my garden box over in the next couple of weeks removing the tiny tomatoes which we munch on, pulling up the strawberries and adding an assortment of peas to give us afternoon treats.

A friend and customer has a cooking blog scheduled to go on line this fall, she grows many herbs and vegetables which have been purchased at Mission Hills Nursery so if she says okay I'll provide a link to her site, from the recipes I've seen things look pretty yummy.

If you have an extra herbs & or vegetables from your garden that you don't know what to do with please bring them in and share with others. We will be happy to set up an area, remember the sharing table when you were in school? It usually had more apples and less cookies but eventually someone wanted them, same will happen here, there is always someone who can use more zucchini.