Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Urban Farmstyle Seminar

For our April Urban Farmstyle Seminar we are changing it up a bit. The title of a book caught my attention when the author; Cara Wilson-Granat came into the nursery and asked if we would be interested in having her speak. How could I say no to this title.....
It Takes A Lot of Sh*t To Make A Garden Grow

If you or you know someone who could use a little kick start on shoveling all the sh*t out of their life, you won't want to miss this seminar.

What other good things come out of your garden after you've worked hard shoveling and toiling? Flowers, shrubs and edibles of course. After we've all listened to and laughed with Cara we will enjoy a fresh from the garden spring dish prepared by our local food blogger, Liz the Chef.
Liz is one of our neighbors and when I read her postings and see her photos I want to run over and taste her goodies.

What we hope to share with you at this Urban Farmstyle Seminar is there are many good things to come out of gardening. Sure you might have sore muscles, but when you sit back and see how fresh your newly toiled soil looks and smell the earthy delights you know it was worth it. Then when your spring flowers begin blooming and you harvest your first crop of the year, all senses kick in and you feel alive.

Come join us in getting rid of life's unnecessary worries and enjoy a taste of spring. Sunday April 15th 11:30 - 1:30, seating is limited, tickets may be purchased at the nursery $5.00. Sign up via our facebook but payment is due prior to event to guarantee your seat.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tiger's Tips for March

Much is beginning to happen in the nursery and your gardens as we leave winter behind later this month and welcome Spring.

March's flyer will breakdown the month so you don't get overwhelmed by necessary chores. I am recognizing Richard Lesser this month as your go-to seed guy, plus knowledgable nursery person and our 1st Urban Farmstyle Seminar's guest chef will be Chef Miguel from the Red Door Restaurant. New and old products are re-introduced to you.

If you are a computer person please if you haven't already click over to our facebook page, link is at the top and "like" us, you will get gardening tips, offers, and notice of upcoming events. Plus Fausto is beginning to post pictures of new plants that we get in and you will want to come in quickly as some we receive in limited supplies.