Monday, April 08, 2013

Tomato Time

Now is the time of year when we can go a bit crazy with choices of tomatoes to plant in our gardens. Everything from super sweet 100's

to extra large and dark Black Krim.

 There has to be at least one favorite variety you have.  If you could only plant one which would it be?

Tomatoes require enough space to spread out and grow up. They do not want to be crowded as they enjoy air circulating around them. Give them as many hours of sun as possible, with a minimum of 6 for the best crop production.

Also consistency, keep the soil moisture level and temperature consistent. Plus feed, feed, feed.  To produce as much fruit as possible your plant needs to be fed. We recommend organic fertilizer because it stays in the soil longer and your plant takes up what it needs without worries of over feeding. Read the label of what you use and if you don't have any fertilizer then come see us for our recommendations.

If you have had problems in the past growing tomatoes then we have another option for you, Mighty Mato grafted tomato.

Reason #1 Mighty ‘Matos Are Created Naturally

 Hey, what is a grafted tomato anyway?  Grafting is the technique of lining up two different plant stems, and tying them together so the plants end up growing together as one plant.  Similar plants can be grafted together…you might have seen the “cocktail citrus” trees we sell here at MHN. Branches of lemon, lime, orange, and other citrus plants are skillfully grafted onto the branches of a single young citrus tree.  Since all the new additions are in the general citrus family, the tree readily adopts the newly introduced branches and you end up with a tree that produces a variety of fruit.  In the case of the tomato, one plant is selected for its vigorous root system (but maybe doesn’t produce particularly tasty fruit), and it is topped with a plant that produces delicious tomatoes (but doesn’t have an exceptionally strong root system).  Grafting is NOT the same as genetic modification (GMO).  Grafting is a time tested technology dating back in ancient China as far as 2000 BC!  Grafting gives the gardener a leg up on producing natural, homegrown tomatoes.

Reason #2 A Great Introduction into Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes can be some of the biggest, tastiest, and most visually striking members of the tomato family.  However, some beginning gardeners have found growing heirloom tomatoes in general to be more challenging than growing other tomatoes.  Mighty ’Matos are a great introduction to growing heirloom tomatoes because the hardy root stock offered by the grafted Mighty ’Mato gives an immediate advantage over the traditional heirloom plant, including…

Reason #3 Mighty ’Mato Plants Have a Better Resistance to Soil-borne Disease and Pests

In general, the superior root systems of Mighty ’Mato plants are not as susceptible to soil-born diseases and nematodes as the root systems of heirloom tomatoes.  Additionally, they are better able to withstand extreme temperatures and temperature swings.  Healthier plants mean…

Reason # 4 Mighty ’Mato Plants Typically Yield More Fruit

The super strong root stock is more efficient at pulling up nutrients and water from the soil, so the overall plant is more robust, and can produce more tomatoes over a longer period of time.  Finally…

Reason # 5 Ace in Your Back Pocket

It’s so tempting to try out new tomato varieties every year, especially once you’ve gotten the taste of sweet summer success! When you’re spending valuable time and resources planting your vegetable garden, wouldn’t it be nice to count on harvesting from a tried and true tomato?  Might ’Mato gives you that peace of mind: a tomato plant that produces bigger fruit, longer into the season; is less likely to fall prey to soil pests and diseases; and not only grows but thrives in many types of San Diego soil.  When planning your summer garden, it’s worth considering investing in a Mighty ’Mato tomato plant.  If you have any questions about grafted tomatoes or tomato growing in general, the staff at Mission Hills Nursery would be glad talk to you about gardening.  Come on in and visit us, and be sure to check out our many tomato varieties.  Have fun digging in your garden!