Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Chicken Update

When Fausto first brought in these 3 little chicks they fit into the palm of my hand. We were able to keep them by the cash register area where everyone got to see them.

After a couple of weeks they began to test their wings and jump down from their little coop. Not able to fly back up they would sit, flap their wings and make alot of noise until one of us would pick them up.

Then construction began on their condominium complex. Each of them has their own nesting area for when they are older. They have a ramp and places to hide. Moved outdoors they seem to be enjoying the warm summer days, they have plenty of shade, water and scratch. Whenever someone goes down to see them they get all excited.

Because Fausto bought the chickens and he is on the committee to plant trees in San Diego I think he helped sway the votes to name them after trees.
Ash appropriately is the black chicken, Willow is the reddish brown chicken, and Maggie (short for Magnolia) is the lighter one of them all.

Sooner than later these little ladies will be out in the nursery, eating bugs and keeping the kids happy. And for those who are concerned, so far Socks (nursery cat) isn't showing any interest. And with 3 against 1 I think she will keep her distance.

Stop in as they are growing and changing daily, Urban Farming right here at Mission Hills Nursery

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Summer is here, we had too long and cold of a winter if you ask me so I welcome the warmth.
To also welcome in the summer I have brought in a new line of hats from Sunday Afternoons
our first order includes the Palm Spring Visor, not sure which color you might like I think I brought in one of each.

For the men one of the hats I selected is the
Field Hat, Designed for casual everyday use the Field Hat defines comfortable practicality, and it’s loaded with technical features making it one of our best selling sun protective hats. Its full 4” front and back, and 3 1/2” inch side brim are down-sloped for maximum facial sun protection coverage. Features cooling side mesh ventilation, a chinstrap for windy-day security, and an adjustable internal sizing tape system for custom fit. Elasticized wicking sweatband. UPF 50+. Lightweight 3.0 oz. Made in USA

Look stylish and protect yourself while gardening or race season with the
Caribbean Hat for women. The ocean meets the land, with this large brimmed, poly braid women’s hat, in beachy colors. Adjustable leatherette chinstrap, keeps the hat on, in windy conditions. Perfect for vacations. Packs flat for travel. Spot clean with damp cloth, line dry. 50 UPF. Imported

Not to be forgotten, the little ones also have hat choices. Look over Sunday Afternoons selections and let me know what you like, an easy company to work with, I look forward to providing you with more choices.