Friday, January 27, 2012

My insights and Tiger's Tips

What a crazy weather month we have had this January. Rain and cold then sunny and hot with today being a perfect spring day. It can be hard on your garden so remember to check your plants for any damage. If you did get some frost do not cut your plants yet, let them go even if they are ugly until the weather stays consistent.

As we began the new year with a clean up at the nursery, just like at home, once you remove the holiday tree and decorations it's time to spruce up the place. Our greenhouse is getting some new coats of paints, let me know what you think of the colors. The upper lot pottery section has been reorganized to make shopping easier and our new line of glazed pottery is getting great reviews.

Roses are in and canned up, we are still expecting our order from David Austin to arrive any day. I selected fragrant varieties, don't you wish rose tags had scratch & sniff spots? Stone fruit trees, Japanese Maples, Wisteria and the very popular Weeping Mulberries are also canned and resting for the winter. But don't wait until spring to get them in your garden they would appreciate a new home while they rest.

Oh yes I can't forget the chickens. Willow, Mr. Rooster is very protective of his ladies so keep an eye out when walking around. Maggie and Ash are plump and happy ladies who each lay an egg every day. Spend some time just watching them you surely will walk away laughing.