Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Driftwood Extravaganza September 6th

We are excited to host a Driftwood Extravaganza on Saturday September 6, 2014

Join us in planting up pieces of driftwood with succulents or tillandsias. You will be amazed at what fun design and centerpiece you put together. There will be a hugh selection of driftwood pieces, some small some big you pick the one that calls out to you.

We will have succulents to tuck into the natural cracks and curves of the driftwood. Or you can choose tillandsias. You are welcome to mix them up also.  Each piece of driftwood is unique, each piece you plant up will become even more Extravagant.  Bring your imagination and join us.

Fees: $10.00 due when you sign up and secure your spot,this covers soil, misc supplies and refreshment.
You pick and choose your driftwood piece or pieces, succulents and or tillandsias. Make one or many, you are only be charged for what you use.
Class is limited to 10 per session and the sessions are 9am  11am  1pm  3pm

Stop by the nursery to sign up or call us with your credit card. There are no refunds once you have registered for the class.

See you on Saturday September 6th