Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 20th Anniversary

April 1, 1989 we became the proud owners of Mission Hills Nursery.

As I reflect back on those first years, my husband was coming home physically tired but ever so happy as he had fulfilled one of his dreams, to own his own nursery. The community welcomed us and taught us what they were looking for in a nursery. I believe we have all grown to love each other and respect each other. We could not do what we do day in and day out if not for the support we receive from every one of our customers. Some days can be quite challenging but then a small child will come in holding their grandfather's hand and buy a package of seeds. The joy in their eyes knowing they will be "gardening" is as the commercial says Priceless.

Many of you have watched our own children grow into adults, just as we have watched yours. Gone are the days of Tiger jumping around on the bags of soil, now he drives the forklift full of soil and Kristi pulling all the pretty flowers to bring me a bouquet. In place are the days in which Fausto and I don't have to show up every day, Tiger is there working with you now and putting his own style on the nursery. Kristi gives me moral support when I need it and still brings me bouquets.

We truly are blessed to be in the community we are in. We appreciate each day talking with those who drive from all parts of San Diego county to garden with us. We have some of the best employees who also love sharing their experience and knowledge with each of you. For those of you who work a stressful job every day, just stopping by and wandering around the nursery is a form of therapy, we are glad to be here for you.

As we have in the past we will be celebrating our anniversay all week in different ways. The biggest and best though happens on Wednesday April 1st, No joke. Every purchase will be reduced by 20%, no coupon needed. Thinking of a fountain? Wednesday is the day to buy it. Thinking of redoing your containers with new vegetables? Wednesday is the day to do it. Here's the small print, limited to stock on hand, no special orders, can not be combined with any other offer or sale.

Thank You for helping us to be here 20 years, come out and celebrate with us.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Garden Walk Season

Garden Walk Season and the choices are growing each year. The one event we are proudest to partner with is Mission Hills Garden Club's. Their annual walk this year is on May 9th. An easy way to remember their date is each year it falls on the Saturday before Mother's Day. What a fun way to spend time with your mother and or friends who are mothers.

But if one is not enough there are many more, from Pt. Loma and the beach areas, to the South Bay and East County. With every event having a different theme and different gardens you can be assured you won't see any 2 alike. Some homes are professionally landscaped while others are done by the homeowners.

We do have tickets on sale at the nursery for the Mission Hills and Pt. Loma walks, information for all the others can be found on line. Your booklet from the Mission Hills walk holds a valuable coupon for the nursery so remember to look for it.

Get out your walking shoes, sunscreen, hat and grab your fellow gardeners the next 6-8 weeks will keep you inspired.

Orchid Sale

This morning I woke up to birds singing so that tells me today is going to be a beautiful day. We are bursting with spring plants at the nursery, just yesterday we received 6 different varieties of salvias. Arctotis Pink Sugar is in stock and if you remember last year it usually sold out every weekend. When the sun shines on the flower it lights up like a painting.

Orchids, they can be exotic and intimidating. Treat yourself this week by picking one up at the nursery we have every orchid in stock on sale. Don't think of it as something you can't take care of, when they are blooming it's simple, water once a week and sit back for 6+ weeks and enjoy their beauty. When you consider how much more enjoyment you can get out of each orchid the cost is much less than buying cut flowers each week.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What's Blooming? Magnolias

What is that tree with the beautiful pink flowers blooming next door to the nursery? This is a question we get asked at this time of year every year. The answer is Magnolia x soulangiana 'Alexandrina'. This truly beautiful specimen puts on a flower show that is hard to beat. We have them in stock as I write this, but with the sunny weather people are coming into the nursery and we do sell out each year.
Along with the 'Alexandrina' we have other varieties of Magnolias, including Tiger's favorite Magnolia x soulangiana Black Tulip. Black Tulip gets 15' to 20' tall and 6' to 10' wide and blooms deep burgundy flowers in the spring. May be used in containers.
Looking for a majestic tree? I recommend the Majestic Beauty Southern Magnolia Magnolia grandiflora this evergreen tree has extra large glossy dark green leaves and cup shaped white blooms. The pyramidal shapes makes this a good choice for a shade tree it can get up to 40' and about 15' to 20' wide.


Toni's pick for the first week of March - Grapes

All grapes in stock are on sale this week. Need to know how to grow grapes? Here are 5 easy steps to get you started.

1. select the type of grape you will use, either eating grape or wine grape.
2. in your garden find an area which gets full sun and ample heat for the best fruit production.
3. amend your soil as deep as possible with E.B. Stone Planting Compost, grapes like loose fast draining soil.
4. be sure you have a trellis or other type of support for the vines, you want to keep the fruit off the ground.
5. your grapes are produced on older wood so when pruning during the dormant season cut the smooth stems and keep the older ones which are rougher.