Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rose Sale

Have you seen the beautiful roses blooming at the nursery this last week? It seems as if they have all come to life, the colors are vibrant. Enrique is doing a great job of keeping the pest at bay, he keeps them clean and moving around to showcase those with the most blooms.

When he sees blooms that are almost done he clips them and brings them inside where we are stripping them down to just the petals.
If we have a basket full you are welcome to take a handful
and spread them across your bed, how romantic is that?

Tree roses planted in containers are perfect to line a walk way or accent an area of your garden where you escape to. Just position a small seat by your rose tree and sit back with a good book and a refreshing beverage. Life is good.
To share this beauty with you we have all roses in stock on sale at 33% off, that is like buying 2 and getting the 3rd one FREE. So if you have been considering a rose garden now is the time to buy one of each color. Or just one special rose in remembrance of someone.

sale prices valid on in store purchases only, can not be combined with any other discount. we are no longer shipping new rose orders.