Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nursery News for 2015

Welcome to the first blog of 2015.

As I write this blog the rains, or drizzles are coming down here in San Diego and very much appreciated. Have you noticed your own garden and how much the plants love even the little rain we do get? What a difference natural water makes to how the plants react. If you can capture some of it for your indoor plants as well.

If you only garden in containers be certain to check that the roots have not grown and clogged your drainage holes, or you may end up with ponds in your pots. It is advisable to check when watering your containers that the water does run out the bottom.  Now if it runs out immediately upon you watering you may need to repot them, the roots will have wrapped themselves around the inside of the pots and there is no soil at the bottom. Upgrade one size using fresh potting soil, Edna's Best is balanced for containers for the proper drainage and just the right amount of fertilizer to help in the change.

What is going on in your garden this time of year in San Diego?

Most of it will be resting, roses and stone fruit trees will be in a dormant stage and waiting for you to prune them. Why prune? When you take the time to prune your trees and roses  you are seeing any problems. Diseased or damaged branches can be removed along with wayward branches. When the tree or shrub grows out in the spring there is more air flow and sunlight to get into the middle, thus less disease problems. Not sure how to prune? Come to the nursery Saturday January 17th at 10:00 am for a class, maybe even some hands on. Learn how far to prune, the benefits of pruning and what tools to use.

Our tables are up and being stocked weekly with new bedding plants, pansies are still in demand but following closely are poppies, stock, ranunculus, delphiniums and foxgloves. The perennials showing color are million bells, arctotis, nemesis, and a great filler euphorbia diamond frost.

Kales, cabbages, and lettuces share space with beets while the herb garden is slowing being stocked with basil (protect from the cold), cilantro, dill, fennel (another favorite of swallow tail butterflies), mints, oreganos, and Simon and Garfunkel's favorites Rosemary, Sage and Thyme.

When putting in new plants use the best soil you can get, without good soil your plants will have a harder time adjusting and growing. We strongly believe in E. B. Stone's line. Here is our newest little gardener Lukas sharing his excitement with one of their soils.
 A category in the nursery we have seen great growing interest is succulents. And why not…perfect for the beginning gardener, many can be enjoyed inside as well as outside in containers or in the ground. Less maintenance than some fussy plants. I admit I was not a fan of them for years, but with such a selection we are getting from our growers my interest too has grown.

Update on the status of the nursery…we continue the fight to keep what Kate Sessions begin back in 1910. We have not thrown in the "trowel" and appreciate all of your words of encouragement. If you hear otherwise please do not spread rumors, instead come talk with us we have nothing to hide and will give you updates as things progress.

One of our goals this year is to again find those small growers who grow the unusual, with the economy picking up we hope they will again open and share their passions with us, so we may in turn share our passion of unusual plants with you.