Monday, July 28, 2008

Awesome August Sale

Are the high costs of gas keeping your home this summer? Will you be spending more time in your garden yet it's looking a little tired? You will want to come over and shop our Awesome August Sale beginning Sunday August 3rd. Just about everything in the nursery will be marked down 25%. Due to this drastic price reduction we can not hold any items until the sale begins or accept any additional discounts, coupons, or loyalty points. Sale dates are August 3rd - 16th. Limited to stock on hand. All sales are FINAL there will be no returns or exchanges.

excluded from this Awesome August sale are California natives and colorpacks.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer in your Garden

Summer is a fun time in the garden, the hummingbirds are enjoying the flowers along with the bees. Some people don't appreciate the bees but we do need them if we want flowers and fruit, so if you respect them they will leave you alone. Barbecues, pool parties, teas in the garden are just a few of the summer time activities we do here in San Diego. Is your garden ready?
Rose bushes are cut back at the nursery so you can plant now without too much stress, and less stress on your wallet since they are on sale 50% off this month.
Fountains can cool down a garden just with the sounds of water, most are easy to set up so you can begin enjoying the same day you purchase. In stock fountains on sale 30% this month.
Remember to check your containers more often during these warm months, a good rule is in the morning then again in the evening if it has been hot. You can add Zeba to help the soil stay moist, ask for it when you are in next time.
And if you are having a party and need to brighten up the place fast stop by and see what we already have planted up, or give us a little time and we can do some custom pots for you.
Remember your garden should reflect your personality, if you enjoy it you will spend more time in it. Take home your favorite colors, textures, fragrances and tastes.
For some ideas on how to use your herbs besides cooking visit Renee's Seeds guide to herbal cosmetics, we sell her seeds.