Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great gift idea

This last year we saw a tremendous increase in home gardeners starting or expanding their edible gardens. We brought in garden boxes which you could assemble at home and had a few planted at the nursery, everyone enjoyed the fresh tomatoes, strawberries and herbs. New this year and just in time for the holidays we have a simple to use and store when not in use garden bag.

The Little Acre raised bed garden bag.
No tilling No digging No soil amending No tools No assembly and No weeds

What a fun and easy gift to give that keeps giving, the kids will love growing what they eat while everyone else will enjoy the ease and no hassle growing.

Fausto's special offer includes one Little Acre garden bag, 3 E.B. Stone Planting Compost, and 1 box of E.B. Stone Sure Start for just $74.88 (regular pricing would be just over $95.00) Put the Little Acre garden bag under the tree and the other items can be picked up later so you don't have to wrap the bales of compost. Or you can wrap the compost and really surprise your special gardener.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tiger's Plant for November

Tiger took time out of setting up our Christmas wonderland to select a plant for the month of November. Even though this plant flowers in the summer you will want it for the foliage which right now just yells "Autumn".

Hibiscus acetosella
Is a tropical hibiscus grown mostly for its foliage. To
me the flower is inconsequential or at best, a nice conversation item. With its psychedelic looking foliage that comes to life during the summer months. The leaves will show red, purple, and a creamy variegation.
This plant will be a great show piece in any garden or container.

Plant Needs: Sun Water: average This plant reaches about 4' and is cold hardy down to 30 degrees. It does like well drained soil

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holidays at the nursery.

Every November we scare many of you, unintentionally that is. No we are not going out of business. We begin moving everything from 4" vegetables, 5 gallon fruit trees, tables and tables of bedding color and tons of pottery from the upper lot. All plants, tables, pots get new homes on the west side, south side, and inside of the nursery. Our upper lot becomes Christmas Wonderland.

Living Christmas trees are already in the nursery,with our first load of fresh cut Christmas trees (no 15 cent tax this year) arriving on Friday, November 18th. Poinsettias will start coming in next week along with wreaths and garland.

If you like paperwhites for the holidays you will want to stagger their planting times. Give them as hostess gifts right before they open completely. Amaryllis bulbs in red, white and a red with white are in our bulb area. While already sprouted ones are on the greenhouse tables.

Holiday plants which are perfect for decorating and gift giving are the Christmas Cactus,
we have them in our greenhouse and Cyclamen on our bedding tables. Succulent wreaths can be hung on walls or doors and left sitting on a table with a candle in the middle.

Grow your own Christmas tree, we have everything you need in a little brown bag. How about a gift for the cook on your list? Rosemary comes in various shapes and sizes.

Let's not get too far ahead of the holidays, we still have Thanksgiving to enjoy. China planted up some paperwhites which if the weather cooperates may be just ready for gift giving to your Thanksgiving hostess. Or select one of our newest glazed pots and let her plant you a gift with flowers and herbs, sage is always needed when cooking those juicy turkeys.

If you need decorating ideas for your Thanksgiving table you will certainly want to go to the Mission Hills Garden Club's November meeting, you may even win your holiday table centerpiece.

I love this time of year, cool clear days, warm soups, and the smells of fireplaces as you walk through neighborhoods. I am Thankful for my health which allows me to enjoy these simple things.