Monday, January 27, 2014

What's ugly now turns pretty later.

January the month when the nursery is filled with sticks and strange looking pieces which sometimes are hard to distinguish top from bottom.

Dormant season, a time for many plants to shed their leaves and go into a resting period. This is a perfect time to get these plants into your garden for rewards in the spring and summer months.

One area that has been seeing a surge in planting is the edibles, and this year will be no exception. More of us are aware of where our foods come from, we are going back to the time when we ate fruits and vegetables when it was their time in our zone. We have been spoiled with just going into a local grocery store and picking up a bag of grapes, but wait it isn't grape season here so where are those grapes from?

To help you and your family eat healthier and wiser we have brought in a very nice assortment of fruits and vegetables that you will want to plant in your garden.

We all need our greens and two which you want to plant this month and next are Asparagus and Artichoke. You have to be a bit patient with these guys but the rewards are worth it.

Berries provide us with antioxidants and go well with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pop them into your cereal or bake into a muffin or pancake for breakfast. Mix into salad with lunch and top a pork roast at dinner. So versatile.

Grapes, nature's candy. Such an easy fruit to carry with you, just pop in your mouth no mess no peeling no wrapper.