Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday Decorating Demo Saturday December 6th

Want to do more with your holiday greens than just drape them across your mantle? And how about those beautiful bows you see decorating trees and presents? Can you make them yourself?
You can learn if you come to the nursery Saturday December 6th, 11:00 am
Cathy from A Country Lady Florist & Gifts will be here to show us how to decorate with fresh greens, wreaths and garlands plus bow making made simple.

Please send me an email if you plan on coming, we want to give Cathy enough space to work so we need an idea of how many. There is no charge for this demonstration.

Trees in all Sizes

Our first load of fresh cut Christmas trees arrived, they look and smell wonderful. Just walking by the nursery you are able to escape the stresses of the day, so why not walk in. Take a few minutes to touch and smell the season. Our biggest tree this year 21'

Wow Poinsettias have come along way, so many different colors. Something for everyone. Tiger will be happy to help you select just the right one.

And how much easier is it to take home your Christmas tree when you live in the area?

Our trees start at 2' and go up to 21' this year. We held our prices on trees to be the same for our most popular sizes as they were last year.

If your tree won't fit in the wagon, we do offer delivery.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas is arriving

Last week we had a special order of fresh cut Christmas trees come in, and they arrived packed in snow which melted immediately. Our next load of Christmas trees is scheduled to arrive tomorrow so we are grateful for the cooling weather. Every day you will find something new arriving for the holiday season. This week we have Poinsettias in an array of colors and sizes, plus a one time delivery of special ones for Thanksgiving. Poinsettia trees will arrive in a couple of weeks.

Need to know how to care for them once you get them home? Check out the Ecke Company's how to, they know what they are talking about.

Living pine trees may be used for your Christmas tree then planted or donated, just remember they don't enjoy being inside for very long so keep them outdoors as long as possible. Keep them well watered and give plenty of sunlight.

We will be closed Thanksgiving Day, please enjoy the holiday with your family and friends and we'll see you for Hot Cider soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kate Session's Birthday Party

We will be celebrating our founders birthday on Saturday November 8, 2008. Kate Sessions may not be with us on her 151st birthday but many of her plantings are still growing strong around San Diego.

Come join us in the celebration, there will be cake and raffle drawings throughout the day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Clearance Sale on NOW

Our annual Fall is for Planting Clearance Sale is on now through October 31st. As you walk the west side of the nursery look for plants which have been marked one of 4 colors representing the discount. Discounts begin at 20% and go up to 50% off. A few of the great items on sale are
"grafted gardenias", these are spectacular plants and will add fragrance to your home and garden. By buying grafted you get a stronger longer lasting gardenia, and if you have tried growing them before you know they can be challenging.

Red fountain grass, this is so pretty when a slight breeze goes through your garden. Another relaxing sight is Birds in your garden, we have feeders which will invite them in. Remember to also pick up food, whether it's for hummingbirds or songbirds.

You will also find perennials in one gallon sizes which if planted now will really show their true identity next spring. Trees which are going to sleep for the winter would love to be planted in your garden now, and you will find many on sale over the next couple of weeks. Fruit trees (excluding citrus) are marked down 30%, apples, plums, peaches. Sale is limited to stock on hand and there are no holds.

EB Stone fertilizer, along with GreenLight Root Stimulator are also on sale, and both are recommended when planting trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Come in and help us clear out the nursery as we get ready for Christmas trees, can you believe it's almost that time already?

Sale items limited to stock on hand, no additional discounts may be applied.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Vegetable Garden

Today September 22, 2008 the first day of Autumn and our weather in San Diego agrees with the calendar. What a beautiful weekend we just had, sunshine but not too hot, cooling down in the evenings. Perfect time of year to be planting in your garden. And what better time than now to begin your fall / winter vegetable garden with the prices going up in the grocery stores. How much space do you need to get a harvest like this? Actually not much, you can do a nice and productive garden in containers. Depending on your space and the number of people you would like to feed healthy fresh vegetables to will determine your container sizes.

Would you have thought to do lettuce in a "salad bowl"? Why not?

This coming Sunday, September 28th at 11:00am Tiger will be demonstrating vegetable container gardens and also talking about preparing your soil to get the maximum yield from your home garden.

As we've all been told by Fausto, dig a $10.00 hole for a $5.00 plant and you will be successful in gardening. This means amend what Mother Nature or your developer has given you to work with, our natural soils do not produce good edibles, we need to help it along. We use E.B. Stone Planting Compost on all our landscape jobs, all new plantings get a fresh start with soil that allows their roots to stretch out.

After you've enjoyed Tiger's demonstration pick up your free seed package and a guide to pruning. This guide is put out by Corona with illustrations on how to prune, just in time for Fall
Another tip to remember, keeping your trees laced not only enhances their beauty but allows santa anna winds to pass through the branches instead of risking knocking the tree down.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Awesome August Sale

Are the high costs of gas keeping your home this summer? Will you be spending more time in your garden yet it's looking a little tired? You will want to come over and shop our Awesome August Sale beginning Sunday August 3rd. Just about everything in the nursery will be marked down 25%. Due to this drastic price reduction we can not hold any items until the sale begins or accept any additional discounts, coupons, or loyalty points. Sale dates are August 3rd - 16th. Limited to stock on hand. All sales are FINAL there will be no returns or exchanges.

excluded from this Awesome August sale are California natives and colorpacks.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer in your Garden

Summer is a fun time in the garden, the hummingbirds are enjoying the flowers along with the bees. Some people don't appreciate the bees but we do need them if we want flowers and fruit, so if you respect them they will leave you alone. Barbecues, pool parties, teas in the garden are just a few of the summer time activities we do here in San Diego. Is your garden ready?
Rose bushes are cut back at the nursery so you can plant now without too much stress, and less stress on your wallet since they are on sale 50% off this month.
Fountains can cool down a garden just with the sounds of water, most are easy to set up so you can begin enjoying the same day you purchase. In stock fountains on sale 30% this month.
Remember to check your containers more often during these warm months, a good rule is in the morning then again in the evening if it has been hot. You can add Zeba to help the soil stay moist, ask for it when you are in next time.
And if you are having a party and need to brighten up the place fast stop by and see what we already have planted up, or give us a little time and we can do some custom pots for you.
Remember your garden should reflect your personality, if you enjoy it you will spend more time in it. Take home your favorite colors, textures, fragrances and tastes.
For some ideas on how to use your herbs besides cooking visit Renee's Seeds guide to herbal cosmetics, we sell her seeds.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Little Italy Mercato

We are excited to be a part of Little Italy's weekly Italian-themed farmers market. Looking for fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheeses you will find them here. What do we bring to the market you may be asking? How about a beautiful selection of Organically grown herbs and vegetable plants! Organiks
For those who live downtown or just have a small patio to garden with but love cooking with fresh herbs you will want to stop by our booth. The basils are amazing, rosemary ever so fragrant, Italian parsley, oreganos. Tomato and Peppers, hot and sweet varieties. We also have pots preplanted with an assortment of herbs so you can begin cooking with them tonight.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Loyalty Program

We've just begun our Customer Loyalty Program, next time you are in the nursery sign up. There is no fee and we do not sell your address.
Easy to use once you are in the system our computer will track your points for you. Here's how it works...
for every $1.00 you spend in the nursery you earn 100 points. For every 10,000 points earned you get $3.00 off your next purchase. You may use the points as you earn them or leave them to accumulate. Again there is no set up fee or monthly fee.

restrictions: in store purchases only qualify, no internet orders, anyone receiving a regular discount of 11% or more does not qualify, delivery fees do not qualify. no cash back offered, points are applied to purchases.

One of our new ways of saying Thank You for gardening with us

Monday, May 26, 2008

Save 10% all Year

Buy our 2008 t-shirt and save 10% on your purchases until April 30, 2009 just by wearing your shirt when you come shopping at the nursery.
To get your started with your savings you will get 10% off your t-shirt purchase.
Discount may not be combined with any other offer and is not valid on delivery charges, sorry we all know the price of gas these days.
If we don't have your size we can get it usually within 4 days.

Start saving today!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Sale all weekend

Don't let a little rain keep you inside this holiday weekend. Come out to Mission Hills Nursery where we are having a Memorial Weekend SALE. Hydrangeas with extra extra large blooms in 8" pots on sale for $12.88

Palm trees 5 gallon and larger discounted 25%. We just received a new shipment this week on indoor specimens, you will find them downstairs in the greenhouse. Outdoor varieties are on the main nursery lot, and have someone show you the Big Palm.

Need a little privacy quickly? Bamboo fence panels are marked down 25%, we have an assortment of styles to choose from.

Looking for more sales? Rose bushes, Rose trees, climbing Roses are all on sale 30% off the regular price. In stock fountains 30% off, save $$$ and energy with solar lights marked down 25%. And remember Dad's day is coming up and we have hammocks and swinging chairs marked down 50%.

Moose Creek Nursery is in their final week, there is still a good selection of pottery and landscape shrubs. Cash & Carry this week - no personal checks

sale items limited to stock on hand and while supplies last. sales are FINAL no returns or exchanges.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Closing Moose Creek Nursery Sale

Sale on Now at Moose Creek Nursery 2442 Alpine Blvd in Alpine. We will be closing the gates May 31st everything is on sale. Now is the time to shop for those trees you have been thinking about, or pottery we still have a good selection. Statuary and fountains are included in the sale, there is no special orders being taken and sales are first come, no holding and waiting for it to be marked down any lower.

The cats and chickens have already found new homes, the plants are waiting for you!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

10th Annual Garden Walk

This Saturday May 10th is the 10th annual Mission Hills Garden Walk and here at the nursery we are gearing up for another wonderful event. To help celebrate this event we have designed a t-shirt and with your purchase of this shirt a special offer. Through out the rest of 2008 when you come shopping and are wearing your t-shirt you will receive 10% off your total purchase. Now remember you must be wearing your shirt not carrying it in. We think it's a very fun shirt and they are on sale today - Friday for only $15.00, after Friday they will be $20.00. So come in today or tomorrow and buy your t-shirt and garden walk ticket, the weather for Saturday will be favorable for walkers.

Vendors will be at the nursery Saturday to answer your questions on some of the products we sell, Organic fertilizers, plant wash, Worm composting, Kids garden art and more.

Also look for our "chocolate" area, if you love chocolate you will want some of these plants in your garden.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where's Erik?

Erik was able to visit a few gardens this month. See if you are able to tell where he has been.

Along the way he also had a visitor stop by and they chatted about the different flowers. Stop into the nursery and check Erik out, take him to your garden for photos and bring him back then email me your photos.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Garage / Garden Sale

Saturday April 5th the community of Mission Hills is having a garage sale 8:00 am - noon, we have selected overstock and out of season items to put on our clearance tables. We also have specials throughout the nursery so put on your garage sale shoes and visit our neighborhood.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

April Special Events

April 1st we will celebrate our 19th Anniversary as owners of Mission Hills Nursery, come celebrate with us and receive 19% off your total purchase made that day. No additional discounts will be valid. this is NOT an April Fool's joke. Can not be applied to special orders, only stock on hand. Payment due at time of purchase.

Other exciting events for April:
Head to Toe Women's Expo - Tiger Palafox will give a talk Friday April 11th at noon on container gardening

Mission Hills Garden Club - Fairies in the Garden postponed until June come out dressed like a Fairy and enjoy story telling and plant a Fairy Garden. Sign up at the nursery cost is $10.00 each and covers most of your materials.
Mission Hills Garden Club's annual walk is scheduled for Saturday May 10th, tickets will go on sale April 2nd the theme this year is One Fine Day.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Garden Angels

A Garden Angel has flown into Mission Hills Nursery, this magical piece will bring a smile to your face and whimsy to your garden. Pieces are one of a kind and won't stay in the nursery for long. Stop in and see Garden Angel #38 this month. Photo may not represent the piece which is currently in the nursery.

Erik In Your Gardens

Erik our wooden duck wants to visit your garden. Take him home with you, then email us a couple of photos of him in your garden. We will be posting them on his own page along with his story. Remember you are only "borrowing" Erik for a photo shoot, he always wants to come back to the nursery. He would even like going on a trip to public gardens, so if you are planning a trip check with us to see if he's available.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Leap Day Savings

What are your chances of being born on Leap Day?
1 in 1500

What are your chances of saving 29% off your entire purchase at both Mission Hills Nursery and Moose Creek Nursery on Friday February 29, 2008?

GREAT - just print this blog and take it with you.

offer valid on in store purchases made Friday 2/29/08 between 8:00am - 5:00pm
can not be combined with any other offer - must present blog page to receive discount

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Salad Fixins

Are you feeling the warmth of the sun and itching to get out in your garden? We have just received our first order of tomato and

basil plants, they are young but already we see their potential for a caprese salad to go along with a nice bottle of wine.

Remember to protect your young plants from the chilly nights until they are a little more mature. How about a large mixed salad? We have green, red, mesclun, head, and romaine lettuce plants.

What goes with melted cheese? Okay 2nd to nachos... steamed broccoli and cauliflower fresh from your garden.

You will need to shop Mission Hills Nursery for these plants this month, and by next month we will be stocking them at Moose Creek Nursery.
Be sure to read your receipts from Mission Hills Nursery, this month's are redeemable in March for a FREE packet of seeds from our seed box.
Shop this weekend it's going to be a beautiful one.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Rain and your Garden

What does all this rain mean to your garden? For the most part the plants are loving it as long as you have the proper drainage. The National Gardening Association has some good advice which we can all follow no matter where you garden. You may want to protect your azaleas and camellias which are budding up and blooming from the heavy rain, the flowers will get beat up.
If you haven't already be sure your automatic sprinklers are not coming on. Check any low lying areas for puddles and remove the water which may be drowning your plants.

What else does this mean to your garden? Snails will be coming out so get down the snail bait, we recommend Sluggo if you have pets or children. A new product due to arrive next week into our nurseries is an electronic snail fence, it won't hurt little people fingers just slugs and snails. Brought to you by the same company that makes the Scarecrow and CatStop ask for SlugsAway.