Friday, January 25, 2008

Rain and your Garden

What does all this rain mean to your garden? For the most part the plants are loving it as long as you have the proper drainage. The National Gardening Association has some good advice which we can all follow no matter where you garden. You may want to protect your azaleas and camellias which are budding up and blooming from the heavy rain, the flowers will get beat up.
If you haven't already be sure your automatic sprinklers are not coming on. Check any low lying areas for puddles and remove the water which may be drowning your plants.

What else does this mean to your garden? Snails will be coming out so get down the snail bait, we recommend Sluggo if you have pets or children. A new product due to arrive next week into our nurseries is an electronic snail fence, it won't hurt little people fingers just slugs and snails. Brought to you by the same company that makes the Scarecrow and CatStop ask for SlugsAway.

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