Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winterizing your Rose Garden

The first in our series of gardening classes will be Sunday January 31, 2010. Class begins at 11:00am and will run about 1 hour, depending on how many questions there are. This first class is on winter care of your roses.
Learn how to prune your rose

and what are the correct tools to use. What to spray your roses with after you have pruned them. And if adding new roses to your garden what to look for in dormant roses.

Bring your own pruners, be sure they are sharp and we'll let you do some hands on pruning.

After learning these simple steps to successful rose growing you will be inspired to buy more roses for your garden, or begin a rose garden so we will offer you a FREE Louise Hay rose with the purchase of any 4 other roses.

Pineapple Talk

Pineapple Talk given to the Bromeliad Society on Tuesday January 12, 2010 by Fausto Palafox, owner of Mission Hills Nursery.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Tell Us Your Experience

This year we are celebrating our 100th anniversary, and Reina dressed up when we told her about it.

The biggest celebration will happen during the spring. Since the nursery was first opened by Kate Sessions there have been many who have walked through our nursery and found just the right plant for their garden. A good many had brought their own children in, who are now bringing their grandchildren in, and taught them the many benefits of gardening. Whether it was done out of a necessity to grow food, to beautify your home, or as exercise we are glad you have chosen us. "Life's a Garden, Dig It!" has been our motto for many years and it really is true. Our newest slogan is Dirt....where it begins. As Fausto tells us without good soil no matter what you plant you will have a harder job getting it to grow.

As part of our celebration we want to hear your story. Please send them to me either via email toni@missionhillsnursery.com, mail, or drop them by the nursery. If you have photos or other memorabilia please include these. If something you want to share is not able to be copied we will return them after our celebration.

Each month we will select one story to post at the nursery and the winning entry will receive a $50.00 shopping spree, winning story will be selected by our staff and our key affiliates.

Send your story in now, everyone has something memorable to share with others. If Reina could only talk I'm certain she would have a great story to tell about how much she and Socks Love living at Mission Hills Nursery. We never know she just may tell me something I can write about their adventures, stay tuned.