Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Plant a tree with the Lorax and IHOP

We all grew up reading Dr. Seuss, his books would take us on adventures. There is a movie coming out based upon one of his books. The Lorax which "chronicles the plight of the environment and the Lorax, who speaks for the trees against the greedy Once-ler." One other adventure I think we all enjoyed as a child was going out to breakfast. Now you can share with your children these two adventures in one.

IHOP, International House of Pancakes has teamed up with Universal pictures on the Lorax with sweepstakes and games along with giving away 3 million bookmarks which are seeded. Plant the bookmark and hopefully you will help in growing 3 million trees which we really could use as our Urban Forest are dwindling away. Offer valid while supplies last to children ages 3-12.

Now the question is can you actually grow a tree from the seed varieties they are using, Canadian White Pine and Blue Spruce? Here in San Diego it will take more than just putting that little bookmark in the ground or a container. So we are looking at a different tree seed which we will then exchange your bookmark for. We want your child to be successful in their plantings, not discouraged. If your child gets a Lorax bookmark please don't plant it right away, check with us and we will be sure to either give you good planting information or hopefully change it for another tree more suitable for our climate.

Have fun on your adventure with Dr. Seuss and in your garden.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love in the Nursery

February the month of Love has brought a new love into our lives at home with the addition of our newest granddaughter, Isabella Rose. Isabella is the daughter of our daughter Kristi and her husband Jeff and she joined the family last Tuesday the 7th. A special Valentine Day will be celebrated by her parents this year I'm sure.

When showing your special Valentine how much you Love him or her how about giving them a gift which will show that Love all year? Flowers and Chocolates are welcome gifts yet a gift that reflects your Love each & every day they look out the window and watch it grow is so rewarding.

Pick a tree which bears fruit, as they bite into it every time they will remember your Love. Or how about a rose in their favorite color? Did you take a special trip together or hope to one day? Plant something which will remind you of the area you went or wish to go to. France maybe? Plant a lavender. Italy? How about a wine grape? Or if you and your Love enjoy cooking together you can plant & grow a vegetable and herb garden. Sharing in growing and cooking what you eat is truly rewarding.