Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fresh Christmas Trees

Our first load of fresh cut Christmas trees is on the lot at Mission Hills Nursery. Juan, Enrique, and Fernando have been busy getting them ready to be sent out to homes and businesses this weekend. The fragrance of the season has begun to fill the neighborhood, while the warm cinnamon pine cones fill the inside of our nursery.

This picture gives you an idea of the beauty of our Poinsettias, you will want to come in and see them for yourself. They are stunning and vivid, so clean that more than one customer thought they were artificial. This weekend we have them in Red and White, but in another week you will have more color choices.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Strelitzia reginae Mandela's Gold

Fausto loves to research different plants to bring into the nursery. Some come in ready to sell while others we have to grow and wait. The wait is over on a beautiful plant which we grew from seed. A Yellow Bird of Paradise, the seeds were brought over from South Africa and the first crop is just beginning to bloom. While Fausto was out taking a photo of the bloom one of our nursery bees, and you know we have many, landed on the plant.

Strelitzia 'Mandela's Gold' marks the first time a yellow Bird of Paradise will grow true from seed. Usually they will cross pollinated by the more common orange Bird of Paradise. At the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, in South Africa, the curator had access to 7 yellow Bird of Paradise plants and spent the next 20+ years hand-pollinating them with each other to increase the stock. Their first yellow strelitzia introduced to the trade was released under the name 'Kirstenbosch Gold'. In 1996, they were given permission to re-name it in honor of Nelson Mandela.

'Mandela's Gold' has 3 yellow sepals and 3 deep purple petals that sit on top as the crest of the bird's head. 'Mandela's Gold' grows to about 4-6' and needs warm, tropical like conditions, even indoors.

Truly a plant for the serious collector of the "unusual". Stock is limited bring in this page to receive yours for 15% off regular price. One discount per family please. Valid 11/11/09 thru 11/13/09 yes 3 days only special pricing.