Saturday, April 21, 2007

Proven Winners PAC Trials

At Proven Winners they are at the cutting edge of plant development and growing techniques. Every time I visit I learn something new and see new plants that are being grown for Southern California gardens. Their goal is to make gardening easier and more colorful with unique and interesting plants.
If you want to find the most recent releases from Proven Winners I suggest you go into your local nursery, they are going to be the ones that always carry the different and new plants because after they have been proven there the larger garden centers will start bringing them in to stock.
Also, when it comes to creating containers Proven Winners has some of the most amazing designs. On their website check out the department for containers and they have blueprints to use whenever your putting together a pot. All you have to do is take it in to your local nursery, purchase the plants on the design and plant them where the blueprint says and walla, you have a profesionally designed container.
If your looking for more information about Proven Winners click here . Dont Forget, Life's a Garden, Dig It!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Garden Walks

We have tickets available at the nursery for two upcoming garden walks. Mission Hills Garden Walk. This year the club has once again selected houses on the south side. The theme Castles and Cottages will surely have you oohing and aahing!
Another fun one is Point Loma Garden Walk .Both events are scheduled rain or shine.
At the end of the month head over to Coronado for their annual flower show. Not only do you get to see spectacular floral displays but you can make purchases at the floral market.
From the coast to the inlands, you will want to take a drive to Alpine for Chirps Sage & Songbird Festival

There are many more Spring Gardening Events throughout the county so get out there and see what your fellow gardeners are doing. Even after our cold winter the yards are looking wonderful.

Remember to take paper and pencil so you can write down your favorite plants, bring your list back to Moose Creek Nursery or Mission Hills Nursery and we can help you get planting.