Sunday, June 08, 2014

Water and your garden

An area of conversation is water conservation and our gardens can still look good with the proper watering. Do you have automatic sprinklers? When was the last time you checked them and watched the cycle? We suggest you do just that, as many systems come on early in the morning we don't know there are any problems until we get the water bill or plants begin to die.

If you do have a system and it is running fine and coverage is fine now may be the time to adjust the length of time it runs in each area. Do not let your system run until there is run off, instead set it to water more often for less amount of time. Also set it to come on early in the morning, not in the evenings.

If you do not have a system you may want to consider installing one, the newer choices give great coverage with minimal care. Or if your garden is small and you hand water remember to water early in the day so that water is not sitting on your plants over night, this leads to more diseases. If you garden consists of more containers than ground do you have a drip system? You can purchase ones which are homeowner friendly. Again we suggest you water in the morning, causing less stress on your plants are the days heat up. Yet check your containers again in the evenings as the sun is setting, some plantings will require a second watering after a very hot day. Consider also adding a product to help the soil stay wetter longer, or a Plant Nanny which holds the water and releases it as the soil needs a drink.

Your spring vegetable garden should be giving back to you this month, vine ripe tomatoes, squashes, cucumbers, beans and so much more. When choosing what to plant now remember many of the lettuces and kales will prefer a spot in the shade next to your herbs as the weather warms up.

Color for your garden is a blaze with zinnias, lisianthus, salvias, and portulaca plus others which like the heat. California Natives which are showing their beauty and we bring our selections in from Moosa Creek Nursery.

Looking to spend more fun time in your garden and less "work" time? Give us a call and we will gladly quote you on weekly or bi-weekly maintenance, we are not the blow and go type of service. And if you are wanting a complete new look we can work with you on this also, everything from demolition of your existing to installing plants and hardscape, we work with you to turn your yard into your garden paradise.