Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas is arriving

Last week we had a special order of fresh cut Christmas trees come in, and they arrived packed in snow which melted immediately. Our next load of Christmas trees is scheduled to arrive tomorrow so we are grateful for the cooling weather. Every day you will find something new arriving for the holiday season. This week we have Poinsettias in an array of colors and sizes, plus a one time delivery of special ones for Thanksgiving. Poinsettia trees will arrive in a couple of weeks.

Need to know how to care for them once you get them home? Check out the Ecke Company's how to, they know what they are talking about.

Living pine trees may be used for your Christmas tree then planted or donated, just remember they don't enjoy being inside for very long so keep them outdoors as long as possible. Keep them well watered and give plenty of sunlight.

We will be closed Thanksgiving Day, please enjoy the holiday with your family and friends and we'll see you for Hot Cider soon.

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