Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Fausto and I found a grower who specializes in Sansevierias, we went on a buying trip this morning and came back with an array of them. If you don't know Sansevierias it is a plant you should come in and learn about. Very very easy to care for and you are surprised when it blooms. The fragrance on the cylindica varieties is similar to a jasmine mixed with gardenia, just a slight release as your home warms up.

We found 2 varieties which we won't be able to bring in until next year, one has black markings while the other is a reddish variety.
Once you begin collecting them you will be hooked.

Growing Conditions:

Light:Bright, filtered light, but highly tolerant.
Water: Can survive long periods of drought. Water monthly or less in winter, weekly or every other week in summer.
Temperature: Above 50ºF, but can survive cold spells.
Soil: Use a fast-draining cactus mix.
Fertilizer: Feed during growing season. Do not feed during winter.

I have mine at home in a north west window and put it in the shower once a month to wash and water, have to say I love this plant.

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