Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November in the Garden

What should you be doing in your garden during the month of November? Well first as the days become shorter keep an eye on your watering, you may need to turn your sprinklers back. Shorter days usually mean your soil says moister longer, unless we have Santa Anas.

Watch your rose gardens for powdery mildew and spray if necessary, we still have Citrall but only while our supply lasts then it's over as the manufacturer has stopped production.

How good are freshly grown vegetables? We have a nice selection of winter vegetables in the stores and seeds both in the stores and on-line. Want to extend your season, our Botanical Interest seed line has wonderful choices.

Spring flowering bulbs are still available, freesias, daffodils, hyacinths, and more. Also don't forget to stage your planting of Paperwhites for the holiday tables, and gifts. Amaryllis bulbs are another beautiful holiday bulb to consider and we have the Lemon Lime variety in stock, limited supply so come in quickly. Amaryllis have huge trumpet-like flowers which can be as much as 8" (20 cm.) across. They are noted for their intense colours: vibrant reds and oranges, but they are also available in pastels (pink and peach), as well as white, green, and many bicolour varieties.

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