Monday, January 02, 2006

January in the Garden

If you aren't able to get out in your garden this month and enjoy the birds, bring them inside with you. We have Breezy Singers in stock and ready to ship, they will live in all climates.

For those who are lucky enough to be out in your gardens this month here are some areas to be sure and work. Prevent snails by cleaning debris and fallen leaves, don't give them places to hide. Clean and sharpen your tools, bring them into either nursery on Monday and you will usually be able to pick them back up by Friday. Internet Special bring in 4 tools and pay for 3 to be sharpened, must bring this page when tools are brought in, valid during the month of January 2006. Maybe now is the time to buy new ones before you begin to Prune deciduous fruit trees, along with grapes and berries. Plant deciduous fruit trees. Get them in the ground now so they may benefit from the winter rains. Plant in a sunny location in a hole twice as wide as the container it is in but no deeper. Water deeply and twice a week if we don't get rain, or more often if we get hot weather. Dormant Spray your stone fruit trees this month to help prevent insects next spring. Have you always wanted a Rose Garden? In stock we have the Garden Compass Essential Guide to Rose Care, stop by Mission Hills Nursery and watch it then pick one up for yourself.

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