Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rose Tips

We have stopped shipping roses for this year but here are a few tips on how to care for your new roses, and older roses.
Downy Mildew occurs in early spring after substantial amounts of rainfall. Downy Mildew is an air-born fungus and the first signs are irregular shaped purple to purple-brown spots on your rose leaves. To help prevent and control Downy Mildew keep your rose beds clean of organic matter. Give your roses good spacing and spray with a fungicide at first signs of mildew.
Black Spot symptoms are circular black spots surrounded by a yellow halo. Spores are spread by rain or irrigation water. Irrigate at the time of day that allows the most rapid leaf drying. Remove all infected leaves that have dropped and dispose of, do not compost them. At first sign of Black Spot begin spraying according to your fungicide label.
Bayer has a product out that covers 3 important systemic products in one for complete rose care.

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