Monday, August 27, 2007

New Products

Last week we went to a trade show here locally and we were able to buy some really fun things. Since it was local we already have the products in stock and ready for you to enjoy in your garden. Hanging wicker baskets, we haven't had these in a very long time and once they were up people began buying them.

Very cute line of hummingbird feeders, along with glass and brass ones. Now is the time to consider buying those Christmas gifts.

Moss lined iron baskets.
Buy one and plant it at the nursery, we'll supply the soil for FREE.

Stop in soon as some of the items are one of a kind and won't be brought in again. Plus you will want to see the largest pot we have ever had at the nursery, unless it sells before you come in.

Preplanted Earthbox. We have an herb one, a tomato one and a flowering one all of which are fully grown.

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