Friday, September 21, 2007

Gnomes and Smoozies

Looking to add some whimsical fun to your garden? Come see our latest Gnomes, they will bring you luck and make you smile.

Wild colors of mushrooms known as Smoozies work indoors or outside, in your containers or flowerbeds.

Have you seen our pond? It has been redone and is sparkling clear, if you are interested in having one in your yard let us know and we will put you in touch with our master pond builders.

Speaking of ponds, we have floating frogs and mama duck with her ducklings that will swim around in your pond or fountain. Also glow in the dark frogs, that are solar powered.

As I write we are waiting for the big "STORM" and unloading pumpkins. Sizes from mini to Big Max and my favorite, Fairy Tale.

Finish your fall decorating with bales of straw which can then be planted up. Mums in a multitude of colors and shapes, from pom poms to spidery flowers.

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