Thursday, July 09, 2009

4th of July Celebration

What an amazing community we work in, and the spirit really shined thru this last 4th of July. A parade of the neighborhood showed as many people got together to walk, ride, skate, and push their way along the streets, starting at Pioneer Park.

Well we all didn't walk the route we did send a representative from the Nursery. Claudia pushed our "float" and we are proud to say it was the first float entry, watch for more next year.
After the parade there were many fun activities back at the park, from hula hoop contests, to balloon toss, and cake for everyone.

At the nursery Enrique fired up the BBQ and Fernando was our Hot Dog chef. He cooked up hot dogs from Sausage King and everyone really enjoyed them, if you haven't tried them before you need to. They have just the right about of spices, and crispy outside so they crunch when you bite.

Thank you to everyone who helped put this event on, we look forward to the next couple of weeks of concerts in the park, Friday nights. Bring your blankets, chairs, food and friends.

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