Thursday, August 06, 2009

New Exciting Arrivals

Yesterday and today trucks were unloaded with product we haven't had in stock for awhile and we are excited about. First let me describe for you the wonderful scent you will find when you enter the upper lot. Oil from the Michelia champaca, Alba tree is used in the making of Joy Perfume. Joy Perfume is made by the same company which gives us Channel No. 5. This evergreen tree can grow 10-20' tall and as wide. The white flowers bloom most often in the summer and winter yet also intermittently throughout the rest of the year.

Another specimen which you will see when you first enter is the Allamanda cathartica, Golden Trumpet vine. This evergreen vine can grow thru trees and reach 50'. Or if you pinch it back you may maintain it as a freestanding shrub. The yellow trumpet flowers are 5" wide and 3" long and appear nearly year round. Loves heat and needs it for proper growth and bloom, does not tolerate cold.

Summer time pots in different shapes, sizes, and bright colors.
Orchid pots with the holes in the sides, and self watering pots for African Violets. Plus some really fun small glazed bowls to plant up for your patio tables. Oh yes and speaking of patio tables, we do have umbrella pots in stock.

With the cut backs in water your garden birds are looking for new places to bath so why not give them a new birdbath this summer? We just unloaded blue and green ones which are just the right size for our feathered friends, and if you are worried about wasting water, use the water that would run down the drain while you are waiting for it to warm up.

If you haven't looked at the card rack you will want to stop and see the beautiful photo cards which are done by our local photographer Meredith French. Some gorgeous photos of flowers and insects. Give the card that is worth framing, or pick up a few for yourself and enjoy nature in it's finest show.

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