Monday, December 07, 2009

Rain and more Rain

Rain has been falling all day and even though not many of you are venturing out to the nursery those brave soles are finding it very peaceful. I've enjoyed walking thru the plants during a rain, they seem to be singing and reaching up as they stretch their limbs. The cats are hiding inside while little boys splash in the mud and little girls scream with delight. Such a welcome sight after so many months of dry. Let's hope the ground is able to absorb most of it instead of having it run off into the drains and out into the ocean.

Now that we've gotten our first rain you may be wishing you had purchased that Rain Tank while they were on sale last month. Many of you did buy and we should receive them in the nursery by the 14th. If you didn't buy last month but still want to get one installed before the winter rains stop you can still order yours, turn around time is about 2-3 weeks, you won't want to wait too long or you could miss out on Mother Nature helping you water your garden this spring.

This is the stream line version which fits flatter against your wall. Our most popular one is round and holds 205 gallons. Stop in and talk with Tiger if you have any questions.

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