Monday, April 19, 2010

Watermelon Palm

Just a few months ago as we were removing our green house, as I tell everyone, the termites were tired of holding it up, I found some palms not looking very happy. My first thought was to toss them but when I read up on them I decided to cut them back, feed them and see what may happen.
And wow I am impressed. What I have is Chambeyronia Macrocarpa, common name Watermelon Palm.
Within the last couple of weeks new fronds have begun growing and opening up, they are a beautiful color, one you will want to see in person. As the fronds get older they turn green yet in the beginning are beautifully reddish.
I'm so happy I nursed them back, and it didn't take much, just a trimming some organic food and fresh air. I believe there are only a couple left and if I was you and had any interest in unusual plants this is one you will want to put in your collection.

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