Monday, May 31, 2010

Dirt Under Your Nails

I am part of a group of ladies that try and get together at least one time per month for a ladies only event. Being the only one who works in the outdoor world I am at times embarrassed by the look of my hands, especially my fingernails. Most of the group keeps their nails manicured and polished, putting mine to shame. Yet today as I was preparing our balcony planter box I realized my nails are not to be ashamed of but to be proud of.

Working with my hands, getting them dirty and scratched while tending to my garden is part of the rewards that I will reap when I bring the fresh herbs inside for dinner. Have you picked a bunch of aromatic basil for pasta lately? Or enjoyed a refreshing Mojito with freshly bruised mint leaves? Even my cat enjoys the planter box as she gets a little corner for her kitty grass.

Getting your hands dirty can be therapeutic and is less expensive than going to a therapist.
Most of what we eat has a connection to the soil, whether it be vegetable, fruit, or even animal so we want to have the best soil for the best results. How better to know how good your soil is than to really get your hands dirty. Dig in and pick some up, smell it, does it smell like dirt? It should have a clean earthy scent, if it smells sour then you may want to rethink planting in it. Play with the dirt, add a little water and see how the soil bonds with it. Remember making mud pies? When was the last time you did this?

Have you allowed life's frustrations to build up? Find a yard with weeds and begin pulling them out with your hands. By the end your finger tips will be sore with little cuts and your joints possibly achy but your mental outlook will be brighter. The weeds are gone along with some of those frustrations.

Back to my original posting message, I am proud of my hands and nails, they show my love for rich alive soil. And as we say in the nursery.........

We sell soil, Dirt is what's under your fingernails. Go out and get dirty then let me know how you feel.

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