Friday, August 27, 2010

Name Brands or Personal Recommendations

In our industry there is a lot of time, money and research put into name brands of plants. As an owner of an independent garden center we are often "told" by marketing companies that name brands sell over others. It is our belief that even though a company has done the marketing of their product it must still perform to our expectations. We sell what we believe in. When a new plant or product comes on the market we will bring it in and try it, now if it does not perform as we expect it to than you won't see it restocked.

New plant introductions are always like waiting for Christmas. We get teased at shows with these new plants knowing it will be another season or year before we can bring them to you. What we try to find are the unusual plants, remember when we first brought in Euphorbia Diamond Frost and how excited we were.

How about Bacopa? This plant has only gotten better, it is still one we suggest regularly. Now you can get Bacopa in purple along with white.

Now my question to you the consumer is..........
do you buy based upon brand names? Proven Winners, Monrovia, Miracle Gro to give you some examples. Or do you buy based upon personal recommendations from people you are buying from or fellow gardeners?
this is being debated within our industry and I would love your feedback so I can pass along how our customers feel.

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Daisy Gordon Crompton said...

Nope ... I buy what's caught my eye in your store or other people's gardens! I recognize the name brands but they don't mean anything to me.