Monday, January 24, 2011


Anigozanthos commonly known as Kangaroo Paw plant is from western Australia. These hardy perennial plants are noted for their unique long lasting blooms. The tubular flowers are covered in velvety hairs and open at the apex with 6 claw like structures. Most common colors are red and yellow while oranges and greens are becoming favorites.

According to Angus Steward, Australian plant breeder, to get the most out of your Kangaroo paw grow them in full sun and be sure your soil drains well. Considered water thrifty during early spring & summer if you give them an extra drink you will extend the bloom season. Also dead heading promotes new flower spikes. Prune aggressively after the bloom season by cutting your plant back to the ground, not only does this promote new growth it helps eliminate possible diseases or fungus.

Fertilize early spring & summer with EB Stone All Purple Organic Fertilizer, a plant with beautiful blooms and lush green growth attracts birds to your garden.

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