Monday, October 29, 2012

New at Mission Hills Nursery

We are still waiting here in San Diego for the fall weather to stay around and our gardens need care.
Watering can be tricky, some days we need to water more than once, especially when the winds are blowing. Other days we have gotten rain and hopefully your irrigation system wasn't running at the same time.

The nursery is filling up and cutting back. We are bringing in fall/winter vegetables but cutting back on pottery selections as we begin the annual move of condensing the two side of the nursery into one. We did receive an order of orange pottery, perfect for your Halloween and Thanksgiving decors.

I do love the fall bedding plant selections.

Annual mums will add color to your containers along with pansies and various ornamental kales. Remember to add height and textures to your containers, snap dragons, stock, and grasses bring all those elements together. If you aren't sure what works come visit China and she can help you. If you want we can schedule to pick up your pots, bring them into the nursery so you and China can work together on them, or just let China know your color preferences and she will do her magic.

We have the sidewalk planter filled with pink annuals and perennials in support of the 3 Day Walkers who come by next month on the 18th. Come over and join us as we cheer them on, remember to wear your pink.
For those who enjoy giving paperwhite baskets as gifts during the holiday season, remember it takes approximately 5 weeks for them to be blooming. Count back and begin planting yours up now for Thanksgiving. This year our paperwhite bulbs are a pretty large size, we were not able to get amaryllis bulbs but we will have the plants come in starting next month. We will plant up gift baskets with the bulbs for gift giving. Another fun area which we are restocking after years of not having, flags. You can see the Halloween flags flying in front of the nursery this week, switching over to Fall Harvest and Christmas. This is an inexpensive way to decorate your home for the seasons or no other reason than it is easy and fun.

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