Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ollas what are they ?

Ollas can help you in your garden, raised beds, and containers.

When buried in your garden or planters this terra cotta pot will help get water to the roots of your plants with less effort on your part. You simply fill the pot with water and it soaks into the soil where your plant's roots will find it.

How often do you fill it? This depends on a few factors. What your soil is like, what plants you have growing, and importantly the outside temperatures.  Average refilling is 2x per week for our normal warm seasons.

Can you use fertilizer? Yes as long as you use a liquid fertilizer and mix it before you fill the Ollas it will also seep out without clogging the pores of the Ollas.

How deep do you bury the Ollas? You want the complete Ollas buried with the exception of the neck, this you want above the soil so no soil goes into the Ollas and it keeps the pot from drying by being exposed to the sun and wind. Keep the lid on to keep soil out.

How do I plant with Ollas in the area? You average 12"-18" from center.

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