Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sunshine and your edibles

When walking this morning I actually had to wear my sunglasses, what a welcome change from the last couple of weeks.
We are so fortunate to live in a city with such beautiful weather for most of the year. Once our rain was over everything looked so clean. While the people on the east coast once their snows are done they will still have a mess to deal with.
Wish you could have captured some of our rains? You can with a Rain Barrel, stop by and see Tiger for more information and to save 30% off your purchase this month.

Many of you are looking for basil plants, we hope to be restocked next week, with the cold weather the plants didn't want to leave the warm greenhouses. We do have a good selection of Tomato plants, broccoli, lettuces and brussel sprouts, have you ever seen them growing?

Did you get your antioxidants in your breakfast this morning? Make it easier on yourself by planting a berry bush in your backyard. How yummy do fresh berries with your morning cereal or yogurt taste? We have varieties which are suitable for our mild climate.

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