Monday, February 28, 2011

Peek into 2012 Rose Introductions

Want a peek into new roses for 2012? We have four that will be coming into bloom as we get warmer weather. One of the roses speaks of weather....

Stormy Weather:(PPAF) Hues of stormy blue flash from the depths of mysterious deep smokey purple blooms, the reverse side of the petals touched with lightning bolts of cloudy white for added special effects. The big clusters of double blossoms are set against loads of gray-green leaves that stay clean and attractive due to very good disease resistance. A dramatic rose for display- ing against light colored backgrounds or for contrasting with brightly hued annuals and perennials. Flower Size: 3-1/2 to 4-1/2". Fragrance: Moderate spice. Hybridizer: Orard, 2012.

How do you like your latte? Koko Loko might fit into your garden with it's milky chocolate buds opening into a soft lavender. Long lasting on the bush and in
your vase, fragrance is mild.

Now if you are looking for something that shouts Hello Look at Me! than All a Twitter is your miniature rose. The sparkling orange blooms stand out against the deep glossy green leaves.

The one I am really looking forward to is Sugar Moon, this rose will glow like the moon and the fragrance is why I believe we have roses. Intense true rose fragrance, it is a repeat bloomer and disease resistant.

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