Saturday, October 08, 2011

Tiger's Tips for October

Most people do their planting in the Spring when days are longer and warmer. However, did you know that planting in the Fall is the most ideal time?

80% of the plant's root growth occurs in late summer early fall. Milder daytime temperatures along with a bit more dependable rainfall help the plants to establish themselves.
Your garden's soil is warmer, again easier on root growth.
Pest and disease usually lessen with cooling temperatures.

My tip for this month is that you take advantage of what nature provides and plant those larger shade and fruit trees you've been thinking about. For additional fall planting tips stop by the nursery and pick up my guide, broken down by early, middle, and late October.

A fun family project for this month, plant a pumpkin. No I don't mean plant a seed and grow a pumpkin. I mean buy a medium sized pumpkin cut off the top scoop out the seeds, add soil and annual fall color. Perfect fall decoration. Remember to sit your pumpkin on a dish so it doesn't mark your table. Enjoy inside for a dinner party than place it in your garden. As it breaks down let it compost into your soil.

Our fall season is here, enjoy the colors with an array of mums, pansies, violas. Spruce up your containers or garden beds. Decorate your home's walk way or porch with assorted shapes, and colors of pumpkins, gourds and cornstalks. We do have Seasons in San Diego.

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