Monday, March 31, 2014

April 1, 1989 we took a big step leaving behind a regular paycheck to do what Fausto had been dreaming of for many years. I won't say it wasn't scary and I won't say it hasn't been hard but what I will say is that it has been a ride.

With the help of family, not just at the nursery but at home caring for the kids when hours were long, working side by side watering plants, stocking shelves, helping customers we have grown the business. This business helped put our kids through school, participate in outside athletic teams, and show them some pretty amazing vacations. It has provided for many employees and their families. Some learning from us and going on to start their own companies.

We took a San Diego business which was already 79 years old and have continued growing it to what it is today. There have been really great years when housing market was booming, no talk of water rations, and people were investing in their homes. There also have been very lean years, when housing market died, water rations were not being talked about but were a reality and feeding your family was much more important than planting a new tree.

Yet we open the gates each day believing in what we do. We have always told ourselves do your best, provide more than the basic plants, teach others, and don't be afraid to get dirt under your nails. We have gone home with aching backs, sore feet, bumps and bruises and yet each morning we get up and do it again. It must be in our blood and in the fact that you are customers keep coming back to us.

As we head into another chapter of our company's history we look forward Believing.
Believing Fausto's design magic will continue to go from his thoughts to paper to reality. Tiger will continue taking his crew out into yards and turning them into oasis for homeowner and business owners to enjoy and relax in. Believing that with our continued hard work and honesty we will be serving the gardeners of San Diego for more years to come.

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Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years of business :-)