Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Birds and the Bees

Officially spring is 9 days away yet the birds and bees are out and about every day at the nursery.

Last week we had to call in a beekeeper to remove a swarm of bees that had set up house on a lemon tree, usually after 10 hours they move on but this group wanted to stay. Not a possibility as the tree is for sale and was sitting on a pathway.

Without any problems the bees gladly moved into the bee box and 24 hours later were transported to their new home. In exchange for the bees we received a jar of honey, nice trade.

We will have more swarms as the season goes on, please be careful if you are walking about and see them. My understanding is they are so focused on finding a new home for the new queen they won't bother you unless you begin waving your arms and bother them. We need the bees to keep the flowers blooming and the fruit trees fruiting. Now think about it if you were a bee wouldn't you enjoy living at the nursery? Sunshine, protection, water and no insecticides.

Blackberry finally got a name, she is our black 10 month old hen. She and Ash cruise the nursery looking for insects, nibbling on plants, and hoping for treats from anyone who has something to eat. Please watch your children if they are walking about with food in their hands, Blackberry thinks since the child is just her height that the cookie in their hand is for her. Both hens lay one egg a day, and getting the meals they get along with plenty of exercise and sunshine the eggs are beautiful and tasty. Sorry we can't share them with you, we are not set up to sell dairy products.
So as we get ready to celebrate spring, we are grateful for our birds and bees at the nursery. If you are having an off day grab yourself an ice-tea and come sit for a bit. Watch the hens and I can almost guarantee you will feel better.

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