Monday, July 19, 2010

The Life of a Monarch

We sell alot and I mean alot of Asclepia Plants, also known as Milkweed. People put this plant in their yard knowing it will be devoured by the caterpillars. Early this month we found 2 such caterpillars on one of the plants and decided to watch them. Fausto was able to capture the second one as it turned into the green chrysalis doing what is described as the wiggle-jiggle dance.

I believe we may be watching the 3rd generation of 4. Each of the first 3 generations live from two to six weeks as an adult. With the 4th generation living six to eight months here in Southern California. They then begin the whole generation cycle over.

When researching more about this total body change I came across a really fun and informative website on the magical metamorphosis of the Monarch Butterfly

In about 3-4 days we should be seeing the next stage, if you want to view them as a chrysalis you should stop in soon.

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