Friday, July 30, 2010

New & Fun

Today our garden patio furniture builder brought in a new set, perfect for those who live in high rises and have smaller patios or balconies. The chairs are strong and sturdy, no need to worry about them blowing over. We have been selling furniture from Jack & his wife for years, not once have we had any problems with the craftsmanship. Many times Jack has worked with our customers to build custom pieces, so if you have something you've been looking for get me a sketch and I'll see what magic Jack can do.

This is the original 4 piece Garden Set, you really need to sit in it to appreciate how well it feels. The pieces are unfinished, you may either stain, paint or let Mother Nature add her own patina to them.

Imagine, sitting outside on your new furniture while enjoying a soft breeze. Soft sound of water trickling from your new fountain (still on sale) and music filling the air from your precision-tuned wind chime.
Unpacked and ready for you to hear the sounds from Grace Note Chimes, we have different sizes and tuning options.
All chimes are tuned in the key of C, with the corresponding notes and chords engraved on one side of each aluminum windplate. Classic wind chimes are handcrafted from thick-tempered aluminum tubing, with a soft brushed finish. Each chime now features recycled composite lumber strikers - composite lumber is not only environmentally friendly but it also creates a softer contact sound when applied to wind chime tubing. These strikers are not subject to drying or cracking and require no maintenance

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