Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Monarchs

I felt like a mother last week watching her children go off to school. When I went to work the chrysalis' were still hanging wrapped up, by the middle of the day they emerged as beautiful butterflies. We watched as the first one crawled up the side of their temporary home and fell back down. After a few attempts he/she reached the outside top and began to test his wings. Within a couple of minutes he felt confident enough to fly away, and out of the greenhouse he went.

Our second one seemed to be a little less confident in how to climb out, yes I know eventually she would be able to, so I helped by lifting the branch up and laid it on top of their home. She then tested her wings yet didn't seem to be in too much of a hurry to leave the nest. We enjoyed watching her, something like watching your youngster take that first ride without training wheels. I felt proud when she flew away. Later in the afternoon I want to believe she came back and hung around the greenhouse for a little while, then off to begin the next cycle.

As I write this posting we have 2 more chrysalis inside and I'm sure others throughout the nursery. Please remember to watch before you spray if you think your plants are being eaten by worms, we need to give up a little foliage to be rewarded with beautiful butterflies.

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